As Pop Sugar reports, women are now posting pictures of their beautiful, natural lips on social media with the hashtag #NoKylieJennerChallenge. Some of the pouty selfies are sans lip color; others rock amazing lipsticks and glosses. The photos are a wonderful example that, just like bodies, all women have different lips — some are thin, some are full, some have a distinct cupid’s bow, others have a lighter outline. Some are full on top, thin on the bottom, or vice versa.

Point being: We all have different lips, and trying to mimic Jenner’s — or any other celeb’s for that matter — doesn’t have to be the only way to feel sexy. So go au naturale, slap on some fabulous red lipstick, or work your magic with lipliner. The only rule for this challenge is to show off what you’ve got and feel proud of it.

Check out some of the photos from the #NoKylieJennerChallenge below.

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