If you haven’t heard of Euphoria yet, it’s the HBO drama television series that took the world by storm. The show depicts California teens with freshness and just the right amount of raw zeal to make us get extremely emotionally invested. Visuals are an integral part of the experience show. From striking purple color appearing in several frames, revolutionary camera angles to experimental, bold, glittery makeup.

Doniella Davy, the head of makeup for Euphoria, inspired a shift in the way makeup is perceived. The way she used the looks to express the emotions of characters motivated many people to get artsier with their makeup, and NYFW MUAs are no different.

Marc Jacobs brought the colorful, eccentric fantasy to life with Gigi Hadid’s light blue eyeshadow that perfectly accentuated the clothes she was wearing. Among other inspiring looks is the tea green wash of color on the eyelids, with crystals shaping the eyes instead of an eyebrow arch. Golden flakes underneath the eyes created an excellent contrast for models’ dark hair and eyes.


It was almost a direct reference to the makeup Zendaya’s character wore. Issa Lish, in the meantime, gave off Jules vibes with the different take on the graphic eyeliner.

At Pyer Moss’s show, makeup focused on the bold and 70’s inspired eyes were breathtaking. Check out the bold red eyeshadow uniting with the blush to create an energic, eye-catching look. Monochromatic themes with Swarowski crystals and metallic colors bounced in the light and gave off disco vibes. Remind anyone else of the way Doniella used rhinestones on Alexa Demie’s character Maddy?

Jules wore cloud shapes on her eyes in one of the episodes, speaking to her sensitive and innocent side. Similar looks were spotted at NYFW this year. Pat McGrath applied bright neon pink lipstick as a base on the eyes and created the cloud shapes with white eyeliner for Anna Sui. The stars she added underneath the eyes of the model drew attention to the center of the eyes and reminded us of the stars Zendaya’s character Rue wears. And at Cynthia Rowley, there was a look that resembled the cloud eye look Jules wore even closer with white liner shaping the eyes!


And if that hasn’t convinced you that the fashion world is obsessed with Euphoria makeup, the team for Laurence & Chico used the same face stickers used for Euphoria episode to create graphic and bold eye looks. Yup, it’s the year of raw teenage makeup experimentation. Have fun!