• Dry Shampoo – What! Yep, you can process oatmeal into a finely ground powder and dust along the hair to help reduce oil and also help treat an itchy scalp.

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Everybody knows about a soothing oatmeal bath to help dry, itchy skin (and alleviate symptoms of bigger causes like eczema). Here are some ways to make your bath count:

  • Bath Soak – For a relaxing bath, take 1 cup oatmeal and pour into a tub of warm water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, chamomile or rose are great choices), then soak for 30 minutes. Enjoy!
  • Oat and Honey Milk Bath – Place ½ cup rolled oats, ¼ cup powdered milk and 2 tbsp honey in cheesecloth and tie it up like a satchel. Hang the bag under the faucet as you fill the tub and enjoy a natural moisturizing bath. You can add oils for fragrance, or even layer with bubble bath.
  • Oatmeal Body Scrub – Mix equal parts of olive oil and sugar with a palm’s full of oatmeal. Massage into the skin while in the shower or bath and rinse thoroughly.
  • Oatmeal Brown Sugar Body Scrub – Take 2 tbsp oatmeal, 2 tsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp aloe vera gel and 1 tsp lemon juice and mix until you get a paste. You can then massage on elbows, knees, etc. while in the shower. Get ready for the smoothest skin imaginable!

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