Being pregnant and feeling beautiful don’t always come hand in hand. Between hormone increases, weight gain and other body changes, you quickly realize you may never look quite the same again.

Throughout every trimester you may come across different changes in your appearance that can lead to self-consciousness. Every woman is different but by the second trimester, you can visibly notice that there is a bun in oven.


For some women the weight gain is awkward. Not to mention other discomforts such as itchy dry skin and acne. Here are some ways to enhance your beauty and your confidence during your second trimester.

Keep Skin Moist: If you haven’t seen stretch marks yet, don’t be fooled. They may not be visible on the outside yet, but it doesn’t mean that marks aren’t beginning under the surface waiting to reveal themselves in your last trimester. Get a head start on avoiding stretch marks by keeping your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated from within. Also, slather on body oil immediately after bathing and through out periods of the day. Focus on the breasts, thighs, belly, hips and buttocks. This will help improve the elasticity of your skin as you get ready to enter the third trimester.

Beat Acne: In the midst of packing on new pounds, the last thing you want to suffer with is acne. When bad acne happens during pregnancy, it is usually the result of surging hormones causing the oil glands to over produce. To help combat this, use a mild cleanser morning and night. Avoid scrubbing your face, as this will only worsen the appearance. Keep your skin moisturized with an oil-free lotion. Finally, if those pimples just won’t go away spot treat them with a sulfur based product.

Take Advantage Of Your Hair: By the second trimester, an increase in estrogen can make your hair grow faster. This is the time to enjoy your beautiful, shiny hair. Use this time to scale back on the heat based styles and enjoy your thick locks.

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