Should you ever forgive and forget, or should you just stick to forget when your boyfriend cheats? Experts say there a few times when you might want to consider taking him back. Slip ups happen, immaturity raises its little head, big commitments loom. Keep reading for their advice on why you might want to try again. Let’s start, however, with the reasons you should definitely break it off and keep running. Here are five deal-breakers.

Your relationship just started. You’ve only just begun dating, and he is stepping out. Is it going to get any better, or is this the best he can do? Sneaking around in the early stages is a bad sign that this probably is the best he will do. Need we say more?


He went back to an ex. Does he want to get back together again with an old girlfriend? Going back for seconds should raise a red flag. Once was enough. You don’t have to sit through a re-run.

He put new meaning into the term two-timing. “Business” trips? Hotel receipts? Hidden e-mail account? Secret text messages? These are signs of a full-fledged affair on the side.

Apologies are not forthcoming. How about a total lack of remorse to prove he does not care about your or your feelings? If he doesn’t care, why should you?

He’s a repeat offender. Straying is a habit, a pattern, a choice with this guy. How many re-runs do you want to stick around to see?

On the other hand, yours could be a nice guy who got caught up in a moment of an emotional storm. See if these circumstances warrant forgiveness, and you might build an even more solid relationship.

It truly was completely out of character. Slip ups happen, but when they truly are slip ups, your relationship can survive them. If it truly was a mistake and not the way he operates, forgive and move on. Don’t waste time feeling anxious, don’t look for ways to get revenge. He will never, ever, do it again. And if he doesn’t, then he isn’t the perfect man for you, and you won’t waste a second in dumping him.

He got drunk one time. The guy is immature. He got drunk and made out with the nearest girl in a bar. Have you seen the paparazzi shots of the stars in the dark corner of a lounge? How collegiate is that? Yet most boys grow out of immaturity with a little help, such as your clear advice that you won’t be around for the next episode.

You two are on the edge of a major commitment. Many guys hesitate at the big moment of moving in together or getting engaged. If he sees the move as the beginning of a long-term commitment, he may feel his freedom is slipping away. Make sure his apology is absolutely sincere, and you’ll know he is not a serial strayer.

Give the boy a second chance. If he goes back to being the perfect boyfriend, you can save your twosome. Don’t you think he’s worth it?