We’ve made the blessed jump to summer, which means it’s Beauty Experiment Season. Now that we can spend mirror time on something beyond non-zombifying ourselves, new beauty looks are way more appealing. Picture this ombré lips with a simple white dress and flip-flops. It’s creative and totally effortless – except for these few simple steps but that’ll be our little summer secret.

We spoke to Kate O’Brien, founder of the mineral makeup line Alima Pure, for her tips on how to get a simple ombré lip look. Click on to read more!

How to Do an Ombre Lip:

  1. Start off by selecting two different depth of lipstick within the same color family. (Topshop’s new lip ombre compacts are created specifically for this occasion, in highly-pigmented tones from coral to lilac.)
  2. Use a small lip brush (like Alima Pure’s #31 Fine Liner/Concealer Brush) to line your lips with the deeper shade and lightly blend inward.
  3. Lightly clean off your brush in between shades.
  4. Apply the light shade to the center of your lips, and blend outward until it meets the outer shade, creating a seamless gradient effect.

With so many colors to choose from, how do you select the ideal ombré tones? Bite Beauty Lip Lab Founder Susanne Langmuir recommends a base of classic red with an ombré pop of fuchsia. (We like: Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Fraise ($24) and Palomino Luminous Crème Lipstick ($24).) Of course, the whole point of Beauty Experiment Season is to choose your own adventure — so get trying.

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