If you’re like most Americans, over-scheduling has become a daily fact of life. It’s more difficult than ever to break away for that dermatologist’s visit you’ve been meaning to make, or for the afternoon you can’t afford to whittle away learning smoky eye technique at a cosmetics counter. And unless you like rising with the roosters, going to the gym regularly can be a Herculean feat.Fortunately, the pros are taking note and making it increasingly easier to conquer it all on your time—and in the convenience of your home, office or hotel room.Acne HelpThe first skincare center to focus solely on the treatment of acne, Manhattan’s Clear Clinic just debuted an online program that pairs in-house and licensed estheticians with patients. For $87.50 a month, clients take an online quiz to receive a customized acne regimen of clinic-branded products (refills every two months are included), monthly coaching consultations that can be done over a Skype-like system or via phone, and unlimited email questions. “With Clear Clinic @ Home, we’re extending services that used to only be available to our New York clients, making quality acne care accessible to anyone, and to fit any schedule,” says dermatologist Eric Schweiger, M.D., who oversees the clinic and program.Makeup LessonsHelpouts by Google connects users with experts on a variety of topics; you finally learn how to work all the features on your iPhone in the electronics section, or the best way to plant spring bulbs in gardening. Sephora leads the beauty section with a plethora of get-gorgeous lessons, from everything like drawing winged liner and contouring cheekbones, to even “makeup bag makeovers” that help you get organized. The beauty giant charges $15 per 15 to 30 minute lesson. You request a time, and a Sephora pro connects via Google’s video software for a personal lesson appointment like you’d receive in the store.Get LeanBarre3 founder Sadie Lincoln (whom we hear has tasked Madonna with her share of pliés) streams full classes from her Portland studio that blend butt-lifting and tummy-tucking barre, yoga and pilates principles. For $15 per month, members get access to updated workouts grouped in 10, 30, 40 and 60 minute blasts, as well as nutrition plans. Subscriber questions posed on the site are typically answered by helpful staff within the same day. And programs like “28 to Great” and “7 Day Body Blast” even pair a daily workout with a detailed meal schedule for you to follow for optimal results. “The hardest part is just pressing play!” says Lincoln. After experiencing some Barre3 “shakes and quakes” in our legs, we’re not sure that’s really the hardest part, but the sweat is sure worth the results.Eat PrettyIntegrative medicine expert to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Arianna Huffington, Frank Lipman, M.D., offers Be Well Health Coaching out of his Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in Manhattan. For $150 per 50-minute session (or $750 for a series of six), a certified health coach in-house helps create a custom eating plan and lifestyle habits to help you achieve optimum wellness, whether you’re looking to heal an existing illness or just want more energy and vitality. They can also help guide you on the doctor’s variety of cleanses, which we’re happy to report don’t involve endless bottles of juice. Instead, nutrient-rich drinks are designed to accompany a mindful eating plan that cuts potentially inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy and sugar from the diet while adding in other nourishing options as the body detoxes.These programs may actually help you keep that New Year’s resolution this year, and finally launch that handy old list of excuses into obscurity.