Just in time for your Oscars viewing party, we’ve got a exclusive nail art tutorial from Ariana Pierce, founder and CEO of Superstar Nail Lacquer. Here Ariana shares a classy twist on the traditional French manicure: 

“Award season is all about who’s wearing the best dresses, accessories and of course, nail art. When it comes to a particular award show like the Oscars, nail art can be hard to decide on because you want something classy, yet something that’s captivating. So today, I’m giving you the perfect DIY manicure for your Oscars viewing party. Featured is a not so common French manicure with Superstar Nail Lacquer’s Miami at Midnight (black) and Soho Chic (metallic gold). Together, they’ll automatically add a pop of jazz to your nail beds.

If you take a look below, you’ll see that instead of doing the traditional white tip across the nail, there is black lacquer in the shape of a V. This adds some spice and depth to the nail. Also, opting for the metallic shade will give your nails sparkle and shine without looking too gaudy. Happy viewing!”

DIY Oscars Viewing Party Nail Art

Superstar Nail Lacquer
oscars nail art 1   new

1. Use a top clear base coat to paint the nails and then paint them with a metallic shade. We used Superstar Nail Lacquer Soho Chic ($12).

Superstar Nail Lacquer
oscars nail art 2

2. Now create what looks like a V at the tip of each nail with a black polsh. Pictured here is Superstar Nail Lacquer Miami at Midnight ($12).

Superstar Nail Lacquer
oscars nail art image 3

3. Use a clear top coat to seal the seal the design and clean up any extra polish around your nails with a Q-tip. Voila!

See the full collection at SuperstarNailLacquer.com!