Are you tired of seeing the same makeup trends for fall year after year? We understand that fall is the time for fresh glass skin, berry lips, and brown smokey eyes.
However, what trends can you rock that are out-of-the-box, editorial, and exuberant?
Stand-out Fall/Winter Makeup LooksMustard Eyeshadow
Berry shades set the tone for fall, but countless other jeweled and rich hues deserve as much attention in the spotlight. Sapphire blue and forest green have also had their time to shine, but now mustard yellow is the next trending fall color.
Mustard is a surprisingly flattering eyeshadow color and can almost be considered neutral. It can be the ultimate transition shade for berry shadows or to add warmth to a brown smokey eye. Mustard is a deep, rich hue that flatters almost all skin tones.
An easy way to incorporate mustard eyeshadow into your routine is by shopping for a matte eyeshadow. You can brush it into the crease as a transition shade or make a bold, colorful eye look by packing it onto the lids.
Futuristic Silver
Do you ever wonder what makeup trends will look like in 100 years? Futuristic Silver is another trending hue for winter, thanks to its icy and metallic finish. However, silver eyeshadow can often look outdated, so try a multifunctional silver cream instead.
Multiple artists are experimenting with silver lips, holographic cheeks, and show-stopping eye looks. Futuristic silver is helping individuals bust out of their comfort zone and allowing them to try an icy editorial look just in time for winter.
A unique way of wearing a futuristic silver hue is by lining your lips with a black or gray pencil and creating an ombre effect with the metallic silver. You can add lip gloss on top for extra dimension.
Black Lip Gloss
You’ll want to keep your lips hydrated as the colder months are approaching. So how can you keep your pout supple while trying a new lip gloss? Instead of reaching for the same mundane nude or berry gloss, try black!
Black lip gloss is slowly rising in popularity, especially for events like Halloween. However, you can make black gloss wearable for every day by pairing it with nude, pink, or red lipstick. It will effortlessly wash the lips with a sheer and sultry hue.
You can also pair black lip gloss with a lip liner to make it easier to reapply throughout the day. For an intense statement, apply black lipstick, then add the black gloss on top for a tar-like effect.
Marinated Makeup
TikTok’s latest makeup trend is “marinated makeup.” Earlier this year, we’ve seen this rise of the “clean-girl” aesthetic, but the fall and winter are making room for a more grunge style of makeup. Marinated makeup refers to lived-in or messy makeup.
Think 90s grunge with a modern update. It includes messy pencil eyeliner and mascara applied without care. Also, marinated makeup is a technique of letting your concealer rest on the skin for up to 15 minutes without blending for fuller coverage.
There are countless takes of the marinated makeup trend, but they all have in common: showing off looks that have sat on the face for multiple hours. It looks lived-in and is slightly messy for a cool-girl feel.