This fall season, we see multiple styles to wear, from Twee to Scandinavian to Gorpcore. Gorpcore has been around for years but is gaining more traction with this season’s trends. It’s also a growing topic of conversation in the beauty world.
But what is Gorpcore?
About Gorpcore
Within the past five years, we’ve seen the rise of streetwear meets high fashion to Dad core flood our social media feeds. In addition, we’re witnessing a new functional fashion style called Gorpcore, Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.
According to Mr Porter, “Gorpcore is a slightly overegged idiom that refers simply to hiking or outdoorsy gear worn in a consciously stylish way…from raincoats to shell trousers and fleeces, these are clothes made for enjoying the outdoors.”
The overall style of Gorpcore includes functionality and style mixed with a practical and post-apocalyptic vibe. Some individuals may add avant-garde elements like torn sleeves, oversized chunky knits, and maxi cargo skirts.
Gorpcore is a unisex trending style that blurs the lines between men’s and women’s clothing.
Grailed states, “There are brands known more to hikers and campers than to fashion week attendees that still represent the pinnacle of the aesthetic movement…it’s one that sits outside both normcore and techwear-but toes the line just enough to sow some confusion.”
Some other common themes in Gorpocore include cinching, layering, volume, earth tones, unique silhouettes, fleece mid-layers, ripstop rain jackets, and much more.
You may think this is what any hiker, outdoorsman, or your dad would wear. However, Bella Hadid is a leading influencer for Gorpcore among women’s fashion.
What Brands are Considered Gorpcore?
High-end brands like Arc’teryx, Salomon, Veilance, The North Face, Roa Hiking, and more are blurring the lines between regular camping gear and high-functional fashion.
These brands are for those who are likely to be subconsciously stylish while having functional clothing for a hefty price.
On the lower end, Colombia or vintage Adidas or Reebok provide similar styles. You can even identify Gorpcore by materials like Nylon, Gore-Tex, and Ripstop. Your local thrift store may even carry some Gorpcore essentials.
Or you may even decide to raid your dad’s closet. Gorpcore is becoming more accessible, and there is a piece for every budget. You can shop high-end at Arc’teryx or find a durable pair of nylon or cargo pants at the thrift store.
Gorpcore in Beauty
You can search the term Gorpcore on Pinterest, and tons of results show up for women. So Gorpcore is slowly creeping into the beauty space as well. However, you’ll notice most women rocking Gropcore also have minimal, fresh, and natural makeup.
Hypebae claims, “a fresh out-of-bed fresh face is what makes gorp beauty appealing…we’d advise shopping brands that promote a unified complexion…when it comes to hair styling, loose, natural texture takes the lead.”
The brands promoting clean or barely there makeup like Merit, Kosas, and Freck are rapidly growing within the gorp beauty community. Also, hairstyles like slicked-back buns, braids, and clips are easy and achievable.
Gorpcore can also be the byproduct of the pandemic. According to Mr Porter and Mr Sol Thompson, “People felt trapped inside and didn’t have anything to do and so wanted to be outside more.”
What are your thoughts on Gorpcore? Is it a style here to stay, or will it be a catalyst for more futuristic or child-like clothing?