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Body Art Guide

How to ensure tattoos and piercings are done safely and hygienically.

Skin-Benefiting Foods

From tea to tomatoes, there are tons of foods that will nourish you inside and out, and a few habits to lose for better health and skin.

Choosing Skincare Products

Use our guide to labels and ingredients, so you can find the best cleansers and lotions for you.

Skin Myths

Test your skin knowledge and see if you can tell fact from fiction!

Skin Problems

From acne and rosacea to allergies, your skin can host some unpleasant conditions. Luckily, most skin problems can be prevented or treated with a few easy strategies.

How Your Skin Ages

No matter what cream you slather on or how many facials you get, all skin ages, whether it's on the surface or in the deeper layers.

How Your Skin Works

Your skin keeps you cool, but on the flipside you have to protect it from the sun.

The Science of Your Skin

The biological function of your largest organ and all of its layers.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Knowing your skin type and the creating the best skincare regimen for you, will help you get the luminous complexion you want.

Can Food Cause Acne?

Yes! Turns out the burger/zit connection isn't a myth after all.