Ever since we saw Pat McGrath’s gold lips at the Prada Spring/Summer 2016 show last week, we’ve been wondering how and when we’ll get to work gold lipstick into our wardrobe. Turns out we won’t have long to wait: McGrath is launching Gold 001, a highly pigmented shadow that works on eyes, lips and where ever else you deem worthy of an otherworldly glow.

In addition to her role as CoverGirl’s Global Artistic Director and arguably the world’s most innovative makeup artist, McGrath is about to start some catfights with a limited release of only 1,000. NY Mag reports that the packaging states Gold 001, “causes a heightened sense of confidence and a potential overdose of glamour.”

McGrath has spent Fashion Month working gold onto some of our favorite models and runways, from winged out liner on Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell to the chic shadow look below.


Sign up and start the countdown along with us on McGrath’s (brand new) website.

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