How many times have you bought a perfume in the store only to wear it the next day and realize you hate it? Or received fragrance as a gift and fake-nodded appreciatively while secretly wondering if you’d be able to return it?The new fragrance shopping startup Pinrose is hoping to take the disappointment out of finding the perfect scent. Tired of the influx of lame celebrity-driven perfumes and the overwhelming atmosphere of department stores, Pinrose founders Erika Shumate and Christine Luby developed a consumer-friendly system based on behavioral psychology, olfactory research and the science of synesthesia.(Synesthesia is really interesting—it’s a neurological phenomenon when one sensory or cognitive pathway involuntarily triggers another. For instance, our creative manager Val sees numbers as colors. Some synesthetes can “smell” music and colors.)Here at YouBeauty, we think of Pinrose as a kindred spirit because of its research-backed scent-finder quiz (you know we love a science-based quiz!) that walks you through colors, scenery and even music to help you find your ideal scent. You’re given three suggestions, and you have the option of ordering free samples of all three so you can try them out in real life before you decide on your favorite. You can also skip the quiz and order samples of all 10 of Pinrose’s exclusive perfumes for $5.The scents are beautifully formulated and unique, with cheeky names including Campfire Rebel (notes of whiskey, burning wood, vanilla bourbon), Treehouse Royal (with pear, jasmine, vetiver and moss), Surf Siren (notes of lavender, basil, neroli) and Sugar Bandit (caramel, cedarwood, sandalwood).They even give a song and drink suggestion for each scent. For instance, Merry Maker (notes of nectarine, grapefruit, plum, musk) sounds like “Lights and Music” by Cut Copy and sips like a Bellini.Try it for yourself or order the experience as a gift for someone else, and kiss fragrance regret goodbye for good.MORE: 10 Delicious Ways to Wear Fig Fragrance