Two friends were inspired to create Piperwai Natural Deodorant after reading up on the harmful effects conventional deodorants may have. Handcrafted in a community kitchen in Philadelphia, the deodorant claims to be free of harmful chemicals and especially perfect for very sensitive skin. The ingredients definitely sound all natural, mixing essential oils, shea butter, cocoa, vitamin E and charcoal.

Piperwai Natural Deodorant


How It Looks, How it feels:
The deodorant comes in a plain, grey, plastic jar. It feels like hardened Play-Doh that crumbles a little when you pinch it to take a bit off, but easily smoothes onto skin when applied.

How To Use It:
Scoop a bit out of the jar with your fingers, then rub onto the entire surface area of your underarm. Piperwai is most effective on dry skin, so be sure to dry off completely before application! Honestly, it would not hurt if the brand found a way to make a roll-on version of the product that is easier to apply.

Piperwai Natural Deodorant smells great, but it initially does not last as long as its “unnatural” competitors. It seems that the product’s creators anticipated that result. They acknowledge that some bodies may require an adjustment period as sweat glands become accustomed to not being “plugged shut” by the aluminum compounds typically found in conventional anti-perspirants. I used it for a week and even though it smells great and feels very light, I had to reapply a touch every few hours to stay completely dry. Still, I find that Piperwai Natural Deodorant is most certainly an exceptional natural alternative for those who want to steer clear of ingredients that may be harmful.

I received Piperwai Natural Deodorant as a sample and I would purchase it in the future.