In the age of all things digital, it shouldn’t surprise us that our hair trends would soon start to mimic the designs on our computer screens. Following rainbow hair and pretty pastelsunicorn beards and the grey hair trend, a new OMFG style is officially here: pixelated hair.


Created by hair colorists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cancer, this trend is taking off in hair salons across the world. The dye is applied in bright, varying shaded blocks through sections of hair. Once the square blocks of color are saturated into the hair, it’s blended out to create the pixelated effect.Inspired by digital prints and graphic designs, this color trend even caught the attention of Revlon and was featured in a Canadian advertisement promoting the Neon Collection by Revlon Professional. It demonstrates a retro-futuristic look with simple coloring overlaps and very little volume. 

Would you swap your hair for a pixelated dye job? If you’re a hair dye junkie, we say absolutely. This could be your next venture to take your strands to a new, high-tech age.Related Articles: 5 Celebs Who’ve Rocked the Undercut Low-Maintenence Platinum Hair — It’s Possible!