Primers are often an overlooked step in a makeup routine. Some individuals prefer the security of a primer, while others may believe it’s unnecessary. Youthforia has created a primer that provides skincare benefits while holding makeup intact.
About Youthforia
Youthforia is the latest Gen Z-friendly brand that arose during the pandemic. Their main goal is to focus on skin-friendly makeup that you can sleep with on your face.

Youthforia claims, “We make our products biobased — each with at least 90% renewable ingredients (instead of fossil fuels), and our products are certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program.”

Are you ready to meet the Pregame Primer?
Primer That Protects Your Skin
Pregame Primer ($38, shop here):

Did you know primer can provide more benefits than just holding makeup in place? Youthforia consistently produces makeup that’s so great for the skin you can even sleep in it. This product is even designed to keep your skincare intact.

Pregame primer is formulated to fight free radicals and harsh external factors. In addition, this primer works for all skin types, especially sensitive or compromised skin barriers. So what else do you need to know about Pregame Primer?
Benefits of Pregame Primer
Pregame Primer will prep the skin for makeup. It acts as a protective shield for the skin, so your base products don’t budge or smudge. In addition, it offers a hydrating effect, and you can expect a moisturized/dewy finish after your first application.

The creamy consistency of this primer absorbs seamlessly into the skin that you’ll forget it’s even on the face. Youthforia is also blurring the lines between makeup and skincare, which is why Pregame Primer is packed with skin-loving ingredients.

This plant-based primer has Youthforia’s Skin Save and BlueShield complexes to soothe sensitive skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and reduce the appearance of skin texture.

Finally, Pregame Primer can shield your skin against pollution to keep it healthy and intact. Youthforia claims this product also protects against irritation-laden makeup.
How to Use Pregame Primer
Another advantage of having Pregame Primer in your makeup bag is its versatility. It’s the ideal product to help cut down your makeup routine while nourishing the skin.

As expected, Pregame Primer can be used as your normal makeup product.

Apply it after skincare and before makeup to achieve a flawless finish. Youthforia recommends applying three pumps of the product and gently massaging it into the skin.

This product can also be worn on its own as a protective shield. The Pregame Primer may even out your skin tone and slightly blur imperfections. It’s ideal for achieving a fresh and dewy glow.
What To Pair With Pregame Primer
Youthfoira claims Pregame Primer can work well with any makeup or skincare products. Whether you’re working with water- or oil-based products, Pregame Primer is compatible.

BYO Blush Oil
You can also layer Pregame Primer with Yotuhforia’s iconic BYO Blush Oil. The Blush Oil is the world’s first color-changing universal blush oil. In addition, this cool green liquid adjusts to your skin’s pH levels to create a custom blush shade.

This product feels weightless and provides a glass-skin finish.