Two new celebrity brands are shaking up the beauty industry. Rhode by Hailey Bieber and SKKN By Kim are new lines dropping in June 2022.

Of course, each celeb has its influence and following, but how do you know you’re not paying for just a name?
Rhode has recently launched on June 15th and provides accessible and affordable skincare. Its primary focus is achieving hydrated, healthy, and plump skin. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist-developed, and gluten-free.

Rhode’s initial product launch caters to all concerns with high-quality ingredients regardless of your skin type. In addition, it prioritizes skin barrier health.
Hailey Beiber is known for her iconic street style and minimal, fresh appearance. She developed Rhode to provide high-quality skincare to every budget. Hailey has built the brand with simplicity, transparency, and researched-backed ingredients.
Product Line
Rhode’s first launch features five essential products anyone can incorporate into their skincare routine. You can shop the Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream, and three scents of the Peptide Lip Treatment.

Hailey’s primary focus is to develop healthy, radiant skin so that you can glow like a glazed donut.
Price Range
What makes Rhode different from other celebrity beauty brands? Hailey Beiber prioritizes authenticity and affordability. All of the products from Rhode Skin retail for under $30, making it comparable to The Ordinary or The Inkey List.

The price range makes Rhode accessible to a broad audience rather than focusing on unobtainable or unrealistic celeb luxury.
Target Audience
Because Rhode produces staple skincare products at an affordable price point, anyone interested can try it. However, Rhode may reach a young adult audience thanks to Hailey’s minimal and achievable street style she’s known for.
SKKN By Kim was also released on June 21st, following Rhode skin. SKKN By Kim is the latest brand born by the Kardashian family. This brand features a nine-step skincare routine that focuses on anti-aging and rejuvenating properties.

SKKN is targeted as a luxurious skincare brand that sells you the lifestyle of a celebrity. It also heavily focuses on aesthetically-pleasing packaging and high-performing formulas.
Kim Kardashian is no stranger to building beauty empires, including SKKN By Kim. In addition, Kim has closed down her previous brands, like KKW beauty, to conduct a complete rebrand.

The idea of SKKN is to bring a luxurious spa experience into the comfort of your own home.
Product Line
SKKN features a nine-step skincare regimen curated by Kim. These nine products can be used in the order of a complete routine or separately. A majority of the producs focuses on skin resurfacing, anti-aging, and antioxidants.

The first launch includes a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, Vitamin C serum, Hyaluronic Acid serum, face cream, eye cream, oil drops, and night oil.
SKKN is ideal for revamping your skincare routine or making an investment in your products. All nine products range from $43-95 retail. You may also purchase bundles that group a few essential products for $100 or more.
Target Audience
SKKN targets an established and mature audience looking for high-performing products and are ready to invest. In addition, the Kardashian fan base continues to grow, and the name alone will draw some buyers.
Which Brand Should You Try?
Rhode Skin is budget-friendly and accessible. It’s designed for all skin types and concerns. You’ll notice their first launch incorporates staple skincare that anyone can benefit from in their beauty regimens.

SKKN is all about luxury and experience. It focuses on anti-aging and resurfacing to keep a youthful appearance. It may be a hefty investment, but packaging and branding also help you feel like a million bucks.