There are tons of body creams out there and there is one thing that really makes a particular product stand out compared to competitors: great ingredients. Mandi Lulur Body Cream brings the smells and body treatment once only fit for ancient Java royalty, to us ladies in a jar. With an exotic blend of Frangipani and Rice Milk, this shimmer cream promises to leave us feeling like princesses and definitely delivers a unique scent perfect for any time of the day.

Product: Rituals Mandi Lulur By Rituals Shimmer Body Cream

Price: $28.00


How It Looks, How It Feels: The cream is light and silky, packaged in a cute white jar with a brown cover. It looks like a product right out of an expensive spa. It absorbs in moments and leaves skin with a shimmery glow.

How To Use ItI typically use body cream right after a warm bath or shower when my skin is supple. For a deep exfoliation, pair with Rituals Mandi Lulur Frangipani & Rice Milk Body Scrub. The sugar crystals in the scrub penetrate and exfoliate even the driest skin. After that treatment, scoop a dollop of cream into your palms and cover your body.

Results: I absolutely love Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream. The fragrance is most certainly the best I have ever smelled from a body cream that hydrates like no other. This cream is addicting and I pretty much used the entire jar after only a couple of weeks.The shimmery effect is subtle but enjoyable. Right before a night on the town, I covered myself from head to toe in the cream and received tons of compliments about the scent.

I received Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream as a sample, but I would most certainly buy it for myself.