Scandinavian Beauty Products

Wondering how you can look like a Nordic beauty? These products, all made in Scandinavian countries, were made to address the skin and hair concerns that women who live in these regions face. So take a page out of their book, and start your journey to a healthier complexion and locks in no time—and with no need to relocate to their turf.

The secret ingredient that makes this BB cream different from all others is the berry native to these regions: the Arctic cloudberry. Antioxidants and vitamin C visibly brighten skin, while also packing anti-aging benefits, and SPF 20 keeps skin protected from the sun and its negative impacts.

An established luxury brand in Sweden, SACHAJUAN Professional Haircare uses Ocean Silk Technology to repair damaged hair. By extracting proteins and minerals from the Baltic and Atlantic sea algea, SACHAJUAN Hair Repair treatment promotes cell regeneration and adds strength to your stressed hair. Just massage into washed hair, let it stand for 5-10 minutes and rinse well. Voilà!

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Colors, colors, colors! FACE Stockholm focuses on producing a line of beauty products that allow women to discover their perfect palette, express their personality and find their inner beauty. FACE Stockholm’s nail polish is a fun, creative way to add a little pop to your daily beauty routine—even in the long, dark winter months.

LypSyl has used pure Swedish Beeswax for over 100 years in its balm because of its natural emulsifiers that retain moisture and protect against harsh Nordic winter weather (and UV rays!). The formula include organic Shea butter and vitamins A and E to help heal dry, chapped lips.

Patti Pao, founder of Restorsea, discovered the exfoliating, rejuvenating effects of an enzyme released by baby salmon as they hatch while on a trip in Norway. Noticing the young, radiant skin of the women working at the hatchery, Pao decided to utilize the enzyme and amniotic fluid, through the patent pending Vibransea Complex, for her face cream.

x, $150 and $90

These skincare products’ special delivery system uses nanometer-sized squalene capsules to help the active ingredients, vitamin A and others, to penetrate the skin. We even heard that Helena Christensen sings the praises of the Super 3 Booster!

Made with natural ingredients, this cream blush adds just the right touch of glow to the cheeks. Recreate the natural rosiness that Nordic women seem to always have so effortlessly, with just a few swipes of this soft, vanilla-scented makeup.

Apply this eye patch to hydrate and reduce undereye puffiness and pesky dark circles.The product’s Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery™ technology allows active ingredients such as high grade marine collagen and algae extracts to penetrate and hydrate the skin, effectively brightening and improving the area around your eyes.

This product is available on our sister site, BeautySage, where we only sell products proven to work!