Let’s face it, nobody wants to look old. Preventing any signs of aging is often at the top of many women’s to-do lists, particularly more mature ladies. While there are many quick fixes available with plastic surgery to improve crow’s feet appearance, there are also many practical ways you can prevent getting them in the first place.

Use SPF Every. Single. Day.
When it comes to anti-aging advice, SPF is usually the most common tip, but that’s because it’s the most important. Caring for your skin and protecting it against the sun is one of the main ways you can prevent not only sun damage but also signs of premature aging, including wrinkles such as crow’s feet. You’re also reducing your risk of developing skin cancer, so wearing an SPF 30 on your face daily is a no brainer.

Use A Moisturising, Plumping Eye Cream
One of the most simple yet effective ways to prevent and treat crow’s feet is to apply a moisturizing eye cream both day and night. This works by plumping your skin cells with hydration, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. When choosing an eye cream, look for ultra-hydrating ingredients such as honey, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract.

Wear UV Eye Protection
Although you’re protecting your skin by using an SPF product, it’s also sensible to invest in some UV-protective sunglasses. Wear your shades whenever you’re out and about in the sun as this will help prevent sun damage, but it’ll also stop you from squinting, which can cause crow’s feet.

Try Peptides
Peptides are proteins that can help promote younger-looking skin. In other words – they can act as a natural alternative to botox. They work by creating natural collagen in the skin and relaxing any facial wrinkles while also stimulating new cell growth. Try introducing peptides into your skincare routine, they will not only act as a preventative method, but they can also help to treat existing crow’s feet.