Are you having trouble saying no to sugar? Maybe you love candy, donuts, pastries and more…

Well, did you know that those items could be accelerating your aging process? Many things can ruin your skin, but sugar can speed up the aging process faster than almost any other food.

How Sugar Damages The Skin

Here’s how sugar damages your skin: sugar attaches to protein that produces free radicals that in turn, destroys the collagen and elastin in your skin. In other words, sugar is stopping the skin from being strong and supple. If you’re worried whether or not it’s too late, it’s not. You can always start from where you and change your diet for the better.

It’s still good to be able to recognize warning signs of aging as a result of too much sugar intake. Here are 5 major signs that sugar is aging your face and that you need to cut back (and eventually eliminate) sugar:

#1 – You have deep crevices appearing around your laugh line are.

#2 – You have deep crosshatch lines along your upper lip.

#3 – Your skin looks hard and shiny, instead of subtle and soft.

#4 – Your skin is discolored, or has hyperpigmentation. Even if your skin is naturally two-toned, you may notice that some of it is turning lighter or darker, instead of even.

In addition to cutting back on sugar, you can also take more of vitamins B1 and B6. Also, consume more vitamin C.

Making these simple changes will help you look beautiful and age gracefully.

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