Even tiny apartment bedrooms can be havens of comfort with just a few small adjustments. A little ambient noise from a small fan or white noise machine masks the sound of garbage trucks at 5 a.m., while a humidifier doubles as a scent diffuser. Whether your bedroom is in a big city high-rise or a college dorm, you can get a good night’s sleep if you add a few improvements. Try these devices to turn your retreat into a relaxing hideaway.

Surround yourself with a little white noise.

The sound of a fan will lull you into slumber while keeping you cool during warmer months. Even if you’re devoted to air conditioning, the extra ambient noise from a fan will work wonders putting you to sleep. Get one with a remote control and you won’t even have to get out of bed to turn it on.

A fan is especially helpful if your next-door neighbor plays music deep into the night. Or you can turn up the sound buffer with a white noise machine that lets you control the volume.

Sink into the luxury of a heated mattress pad.

Dial up the comfort in your relaxing retreat without spending too much money. A heated mattress pad gives you the benefit of an electric blanket plus added comfort for your aching muscles.

You hit it hard at the gym and reaped the reward of soreness. Come home and fall into bed and let warmth from below soothe the pain. If you suffer from chronic sore joints or aching back, a heated mattress pad is just what the physical therapist ordered.

As an added bonus, you may be able to save a little on your heating bill this winter if you invest in a heated mattress pad.

Humidify the air for a comfortable sleep.

Large apartment buildings are notorious for heating systems that dry out your sinuses along with the air you breathe. You won’t wake up with a scratchy throat if a humidifier runs through the night. You’ll delight in sweet aromas if you turn the humidifier into a scent diffuser by adding a little essential oil to the water.

Keep the air clean and clear.

Shutting out soot and grime is almost impossible if you live in a city, and you’ll probably wind up breathing indoor air that’s dirty. If you are bothered by dust or if you have allergies or a respiratory condition, an air purifier can make a significant difference in your daily comfort. Nothing is more luxurious than clean air.

Build a barrier against allergies.

Another investment that gives allergy sufferers big benefits for not much money is purchasing anti-allergy pillowcases and a mattress liner. These linens and a liner will make breathing a little easier by keeping dust mites away.

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