If you got a nickel for every skincare “secret”, remedy, solution, or hack out there, you’d no doubt be rich. That’s because there are tons of them out there, for different skin types, and for different ages. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. Some secrets can cost you big money like the expensive peels, facials, or other solutions. Then there are others, which are practically free, or if not free, at least already in your home like the one you’re about to discover.

There’s actually a skin care secret right in your kitchen that’s great for almost everything including zits, priming skin, minimizing pores, boosting skin color, and soothing sunburn.

What is it?

It’s ice.

Yes, simple ice can do wonders for the skin because the cooling abilities of ice are a perfect pick-me-up. Here’s a little more detail on how ice can help the skin:

Reduce Zits: If you want to help calm a zit, simply wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it directly onto a blemish. It will help the swelling and inflammation to go down so the zit isn’t nearly as noticeable.

Prime Skin: To minimize pores and prime the skin simply rub an ice cube over your face after washing. The ice will help the pores to tighten up and stop any oil or grime from coming back.

De-Puff Eyes: If you suffer with puffy eyes, don’t fret. Just simply apply the ice cube under your eye bags and you’ll look bright eyed in no time.

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