You will never, ever, know as much about men as your father does. You may learn more about the stock market, climate change and the Davos Conference, but your father will always be out in front ahead of you when it comes to interpreting his fellow males. Here is the wisdom one woman gleaned from her father’s lifetime of experience and advice. Every woman can all learn a thing or two from her dear old dad.

  1. No man will ever be able to fill your cup every day. It’s impossible and draining.
  2. Most men will fill the cup in short terms to be able to conquer.
  3. You must fill your own cup.
  4. You must love yourself when you’re looking in the mirror.
  5. Don’t ever allow a man to shape who you are.
  6. Don’t ever lower your standards for a man. Be patient.
  7. Envision the perfect partner. And if you want to attract that partner into your life, be that person yourself.
  8. I hear all the time and in the movies, “You complete me.” Throw that sh*t out the window.
  9. Never allow a man to disrespect you or verbally abuse you, and, of course, don’t ever allow him to physically abuse you. That’s not a man.
  10. Find a man who will adore you, who will treat you like a queen. A real man shows by actions and not words.
  11. Always remember, what he says is who he’s trying to be. What he does is who he is.
  12. In order to have a successful and prosperous relationship, you must be able to self-recognize.
  13. Your partner must be able to do the same as above.
  14. Don’t rush into a marriage or relationship because of loneliness or emptiness. Work on your weaknesses and complete yourself first.
  15. Be confident and be happy being alone. Be content being alone. Be confident and be able to go to dinner, movies, and travel alone. Tell the world mentally and physically when sitting at the dinner table alone: “My name is x and I’m a strong, independent woman who is content and secure with herself.”

Many thanks and a tip of the hat to Nicole Yi and her father. Read more: Life, Men, and Love: 26 Pieces of Advice From My Dad That All Women Should Hear