We’re constantly hearing statements about our skin. Unless we’re talking to a dermatologist, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s false. Check your knowledge with this skin test. We’ll admit-—it’s a tricky one!

QUIZ: Do You Have Healthy Skin?

Skin statement: Exercising your facial muscles is good for your skin.

Consensus: Fiction. Exercising the face is a way to actually increase wrinkles. These repetitive movements will eventually crack the skin (along with the natural thinning of the collagen and elastin in your dermis).

Skin statement: Stretch marks only come from gaining weight.

Consensus: Fiction. If you have a ton of stretch marks, make sure your adrenal gland isn’t making too many steroids. In rare cases, this could indicate Cushing’s disease.

Skin statement: Circles under your eyes become more pronounced and dark throughout the day.

Consensus: Probably, yes. As the day progresses, the body accumulates with fluid. This engorges the eyes, making them bulge and appear blue through the skin. The muscles around the eye also tire throughout the evening, so they start sagging. Dark circles can be the result of melanin (see a dermatologist for possible solutions).

Skin statement: You can’t give yourself a good facial.

Consensus: Fiction—you can give yourself a one-minute mini-facial in the shower! Stimulating the lymph drainage can cleanse toxins and reduce facial swelling.With the water caressing your face, gently sweep your hands from your chin down to your neck. Then, move up as you pat your fingers from the middle of your face, outward toward your ears. Start below the lips and move up under the nose, then over the bridge of the nose, under the eyes and finish at the forehead.

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