Where do retailers go to find the next big things in beauty, from the far corners of the globe? Straight to Sin City. Each July, the beauty world converges in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof, the largest beauty trade show in the United States. We’re scouring the aisles for trends. Here are our finds! Walking the trade show floors, we were amazed at how many lines are touting the benefits of beauty oils. They claim that when it comes to balancing and healing the skin, nothing does it better.Even though Argan oil has been a hot beauty item in recent years, there’s still a lot of taboo connected with facial oils. There’s something almost dirty about the idea of rubbing oil on your face. And for those with acne-prone skin? Forget about it.MORE: Oil For Your Hair? Yes, Please! But the more we heard these passionate brand founders talk about the science and ideas behind their lines, the more it all made sense. Expert after expert spoke of a high-quality oil’s ability to actually pull and dissolve oil from the skin and balance production—creating the ideal skin environment.Here are a few of our new favorite oil-based brands:Marula Oil: The Leakey CollectionWhen you hear Dr. Ashton Kaidi talk about the benefits of this East African oil, you immediately want to smear it all over you face. Marula contains 70-80 percent Omega 9 fatty acid—meaning the skin absorbs it quickly and there’s never a greasy after feel. It boasts more antioxidants than argan or grapeseed oils, and is being touted as the next big anti-aging oil.  Though the beauty benefits are astounding, Dr. Kaidi is more impressed with Marula’s healing properties. He tested the oil’s ability to treat damaged skin on cancer patients and discovered they had a more rapid resolution of erythema (redness, rashes) and edema (swelling) when they used Marula.Niki Saint Pierre Botanical CosmeceuticalsIf founder Niki Saint Pierre’s complexion is any indication, these intensive night blends just might become the next miracle oils. Boasting 100 percent active ingredients (when many formulas contain 10!) these formulas waist no time in penetrating the skin and delivering results. And Saint Pierre claims her “Clear Skin” oil is effective in treating adult acne by using an estrogen oil base to balance sebum production. “It delivers exactly what the skin needs,” says Saint Pierre. “It’s overproducing oil because it’s not receiving enough.”Elizabeth Bergman OrganicsBrooke Bergman’s blends are organic and all about getting skin back to its natural state. She’s passionate about oils and believes that many  popular skincare regimens and products available today are based on over-exfoliation. “They strip the skin of oil, our skin’s natural barrier and defense, and it doesn’t allow the skin to appropriately heal,” says Bergman. “Skin goes into a sensitized state and normal skin function is disrupted or compromised.” Using completely oil-based formulas—featuring those extracted from avocado, sesame seed, camelina, pumpkin seed, and meadowfoam—Bergman believes that the skin constantly craves oil. And, she swears there’s no glow like an “oil glow.”