Do you ever wonder what makes your skincare products actually work? With tons of ingredients on the market claiming to give you that gorgeous glow, it’s tough to choose what’s best for your skin. The most effective way to combat your skin concerns is to truly know your own skin, inside and out. Healthy skin makes for beautiful skin, which is why we looked into the best ingredients to boost skin health in order to get a smooth and clear complexion. These seven ingredients are the ultimate power-players on those complicated labels. Educate yourself so you’ll know exactly what to look for in a skincare product.

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1Vitamin C

If there’s one ingredient that women and men of all ages should use, it’s Vitamin C. Not only does Vitamin C brighten the skin and reduce signs of sun damage and brown spots, it can protect your outer layer from free radicals that age the skin prematurely. For a boost in radiance and protection from UV damage, try a Vitamin C-packed product like Kate Ryan’s Vitamin C Daytime Repair Serum. It’ll fade imperfections and help prevent unwanted spots from coming back.

2Vitamin E

Antioxidants fight aging and cleanse the skin, and Vitamin E is a special powerhouse when it comes to skincare. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals from UV Rays, preventing tissue damage and increasing the skin’s hydration levels.


A high potency ingredient, DMAE works to combat wrinkles and dullness while adding that extra radiance to the skin. Kate Ryan’s DMAE Serum works using DMAE along with powerful antioxidants to decrease visible signs of aging.

4Salicylic Acid

Properly cleansing your skin so that it’s free from excess oil and other impurities is the first step toward clear, beautiful skin. Clean skin is better able to absorb helpful serums and moisturizer so you can truly reap all the benefits of your skincare products. Kate Ryan’s Salicylic Cleanser contains salicylic acid, a topical exfoliate that helps fight acne and clogged pores. Use daily in order to deep clean pores and prevent future breakouts.


You may recognize resveratrol as a substance found in red wine, but this antioxidant can help us with our skin from the outside in. Resveratrol provides protection from skin cell aging and from free radicals. Kate Ryan’s Complete Daily Moisture uses this all-star ingredient for lightweight hydration, making it perfect for daywear while delivering essential nutrition for the face and neck. Natural peptides boost skin elasticity and promote healing, making this product one of the most effective on the market.


If you’ve taken a stroll down the skincare aisle, you’ll notice most anti-aging products contain retinol, and for good reason. Retinol increases the rate of skin cell turnover and helps to build collagen, making it an incredible wrinkle-fighter. Try a product that contains retinol along with other powerful nutrients in order to get full anti-aging effects. One of our favorites is Kate Ryan’s Total Nutrition Night Repair Complex!

7Green Tea

Not only does green tea boost metabolism and minimize belly bloat when ingested, this ingredient is an anti-inflammatory, making it an ideal addition to any skincare product. It’s used in many eye creams as a way to depuff and awaken the under eye area, so stock up on this on-trend ingredient whenever you can!

8Kate Ryan Skincare

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Taking good care of your skin is vital for a clean and clear complexion, which is why it’s so important to choose high-quality formulas when deciding what skincare products to use. Kate Ryan Skincare uses maximum potency ingredients to give you the best results at an affordable price. Not only are the products inexpensive, if you use the promo code ‘YouBeauty’ at checkout, you’ll save an extra 15% off your first order. If you ask me, nothing’s better than the best working products at a reasonable price, so check it out here!

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