What it is: Skinceuticals Resveratrol B E, $145What it does: Helps your skin repair its own damage, which makes everything smoother, firmer and more resilient.Why it works: Skinceuticals has long solidified itself as the leader in super-potent serums (their vitamin C serums are legendary), so it’s no surprise that they’re leading the way with the latest buzz-worthy ingredient: resveratrol. Dermatologists are excited about this molecule—found in several natural sources such as grapes and berries—for its ability to turn on your skin’s defense and repair mechanisms. Namely, helping skin produce more natural antioxidants and protect the skin’s mitochondria.Scientists have been studying resveratrol for awhile, but the reason you don’t see it everywhere is because it’s hard to stabilize. Skinceuticals found a way to keep their resveratrol—from the knotweed plant, which has the highest concentration from any natural source—potent and to drive it into the skin where it can go to work. It’s paired with two other mega antioxidants: baicalin (from the baikal skullcap plant) and vitamin E.When used at night, the innovative product starts to dial back years of damage—and the results are cumulative. Internal clinical testing showed that after 12 weeks, skin density increased 18.9 percent, and there was an 18 percent boost in smoothness, nearly 12 percent increase in elasticity and 11 percent boost in firmness.MORE: Find Out Why Everyone is Freaking Out Over Resveratrol