10 Great SPF Lacquers

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and Sugar Tinted Treatments, $23 each

Fresh Sugar lip balm devotees are cult-like in their adoration of this sweet salve. The balm, which comes in original and tinted versions, blends reparative oils and waxes with the moisture-sealing properties of sugar and an SPF 15.

Mature lips plagued by fine lines will appreciate the peptide-packed formula that stimulates collagen production with a boost of vitamin C. Natural cocoa- and shea-butters blend with jojoba-, apricot kernel- and avocado oils in three hydrating neutral shades.

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A drugstore delight, The ergometric design of Eos’ lip sphere keeps fingers out of the pot and 100 percent natural lemon drop flavor and SPF 15 on your lips. Shea butter and jojoba oil hydrate in this gluten-free formula that’s enriched with vitamin E antioxidant goodness.

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Indigenous to India, Sri Lanka and Australia, an extract from the botanical plant known as centella asiatica is blended into a balm to help stimulate lip circulation and lend a cherub-like color to lips. Therapeutic conditioners like vitamin C and E plus shea butter, aloe and tingling camphor protect and replenish.

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Beverly Hills dermatologist Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D., created this trio of anti-aging lip savers that don’t contain castor oil or petrolatum “which amplify sun damage to the delicate skin,” he says. Instead, marine extracts, hyaluronic spheres, papaya enzymes, apple pectin and seabuckthorn-berry extract provide the healing properties of this line of lip products with an SPF 20.

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An impressively high SPF rating goes beyond the norm for a  lip sunscreen and features ultra-fine titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients that remain stable without being absorbed by skin. Yet despite the high SPF, chemists designed this balm to spread on smoothly without leaving behind any white residue.

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A natural pick for green gals, Iredale’s formula of macadamia nut-, sunflower seed-, avocado- and jojoba seed-oils include zinc oxide for full spectrum protection. This colorless, lemon- and orange-flavored balm lays down the perfect base for lipstick layering. Antioxidants such as green tea extract, vitamin C and E add anti-aging integrity.

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For drama queens, the surplus of sheer tinted finishes in the SPF lip category can lack gumption. Try YSL’s high impact, saturated line of vibrant colors inspired by the namesake designer’s favorite palette: red, fuchsia and orange. The only thing more eye-catching is the iconic gold case.

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Outdoor sports enthusiasts should pack this waterproof, avobenzone-based SPF lip balm in a pocket to counter the drying heat of the sun. This fragrance-free formula is great for those who are sensitive to scent and taste.

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For perpetually dry lips, L’Oréal’s new balm with argan oil, shea butter and vitamin E claims to comfort for up to eight hours (though we had to reapply at lunchtime), but the soft vanilla scent and  selection of eight universally-flattering shades made it feel like a high-end buy.

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