Courtesy of StriVectin
StriVectin SD Advanced

What it is: StriVectin SD Advanced, $139

What it does: This potent anti-ager transforms skin from every angle by reducing signs of aging, boosting hydration, strengthening the skin barrier, and improving overall skin health.

Why it works: Ready for a little bit of skin science? Your skin is made up of two different types of collagen: Collagen I and Collagen III. We’re all born with equal amounts of both, but as we age, the balance shifts to about only 15 percent Collagen III, or “youth collagen”—the springy collagen that keeps skin firm and looking young. Generally, skincare products and cosmetic procedures can only target Collagen I, leaving us lacking the essential plumping, anti-aging type.

Enter StriVectin SD Advanced. This powerful product’s Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex targets both collagen types, helping to restore elasticity and diminish the length and depth of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, the brand’s patented NIA-114 technology is a serious skin-health superstar that strengthens and rebuilds the skin barrier and protects against environmental damage. Both of these technologies squeezed into one bottle makes this moisturizer a powerful ally in the fight against aging skin.

Why you care: Sixty-six percent of women who have taken our Skin Age Quizsay they worry about aging skin, and that their skin is either dull, dry or simply not as radiant as it used to be. Strivectin SD Advanced addresses all of those concerns at once—score!