Best Summer Spa Treatments Around The Country

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a skin-soothing, radiance-boosting, muscle-relaxing spa treatment. Not only would a spa splurge help reduce stress and muscle tension, but it’ll get your skin in tip-top shape for those cute summer dresses and bathing suits. Another bonus: Massage brings on a wave of feel-good hormones that can even enhance your immune system. Did we give you enough reasons to spoil yourself for an hour or two? Good. Then consider these super summery services.

1Tequila Sunrise Detox Massage

Haven Soho Spa, New York City

This may sound counterintuitive, but tequila has amazing detox properties when slathered on your skin. “Blue agave, which is what tequila is made from, was used by ancient Aztecs to heal wounds because it kills bacteria. The alcohol in tequila helps open the pores, allowing your skin to literally drink it and get totally purged,” says massage therapist Lara Katsman. During the treatment, the tequila is blended with sage oil, which eases muscle tension, then rubbed all over. Next, hot towels are placed on your skin to aid absorption. Then, the therapist gives a full body massage.

Price: 90 minutes for $175

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2Orange Peel Body Buff

Vail Cascade, Aria Spa & Club, Vail, Colorado

Give a blah birthday suit a total makeover with this invigorating, hydrating and renewing body treatment. The secret ingredient: orange peel, which brightens, exfoliates and smells amazing. Combined with the added benefits of argan oil, Vitamin E, nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils, dry lizard-like skin doesn’t stand a chance against this ultra-moisturizing scrum.

Price: 50 minutes for $149

3Seaweed Wrap

Salon Bar, East Hampton, New York

Want to say “bye bye” to bloating and cellulite dimples before putting on that bikini? This seaweed wrap is the ultimate water eraser. First, while you’re standing, an esthetician paints a mixture of marine-infused clay on problem areas. Next, cloth strips are wrapped over the clay to warm the body and activate the detoxifying powers of the minerals in the clay. Next, you lie face up and relax for 45 minutes while the wrap exfoliates your skin, evening out skin tone, stimulating your metabolism and smoothing the texture of your skin. After the wrap is removed, a hot towel is used to remove excess clay.

Price: 60 minutes for $175

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4Salt Butter ‘n Mango

OleHenrickson Face/Body Spa, Los Angeles, California

Get your body feeling as soft and smooth as butter with this luxe treatment. First, an aromatic sea salt mineral scrub is given to re-texturize your skin. Next, your body is indulged in a tropical rain rinse, and then treated to an effleurage massage (long, smooth strokes) with mango and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter helps soften rough dry skin and smoothes body blemishes, while mango butter helps fade stretch marks.

Price: 80 minutes for $175

5Divine Legs Treatment

Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza Hotel, New York City

Not ready to wear those cute summer skirts yet because your legs look flabby, pale and ashy? This gam glam-ifying treatment is the answer. First, legs are thoroughly exfoliated with Caudalie’s brown sugar Divine Scrub, then ensues a circulation-boosting leg massage using Divine Oil, dry oil made of grape, argan, hibiscus and sesame oils. Finally, for that golden glow, the therapist applies Divine Legs, a hydrating body bronzer, all over. All products have the delicious scent of grapefruit, Bulgarian and Moroccan rose, pink pepper, vanilla, Virginian cedar and white Musk.

Price: 80 minutes for $305

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6Peaches and Cream Body Masque

Auberge Du Soleil, Napa Valley, California

We are peachy keen on this fresh fruit treatment, literally! First, fresh Napa Valley peaches, which are full of juicy fruit acids, are crushed and blended with cream, naturally loaded with exfoliating lactic acid, and painted all over your body.  After the body masque sinks in for several minutes, the therapist removes it and follows up with a massage using skin-soothing chamomile aloe vera lotion.

Price: 90 minutes for $275

7Lavender Rain

Kohler Waters Spa, Burr Ridge, Illinois

It’s a perfect fit for the leader in bathroom fixtures to create a world-class spa focusing on the benefits of hydrotherapy. Our summer favorite is this refreshing and soothing scrub and Vichy shower that’ll mentally transport you to a lavender field in the South of France. First, you receive a lavender and eucalyptus exfoliation treatment to increase circulation, which is then washed off with a warm Kohler custom Vichy shower. A full body massage, including a soothing warm stone treatment on the back and feet, completes the service.

Price: 50 minutes for $165

8Summer Oasis Pedicure

Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spa, New York City

When your feet are feeling the heat of the dog days of summer, treat them to this instantly refreshing pedicure. First, your feet are submerged into a warm soak. “We put sliced cucumbers, mint leaves and peppermint essential oil in the water to make it extremely refreshing,” says spa owner Jin Soon Choi. After a relaxing soak, feet are wrapped in steamed towels then massaged with a revitalizing cooling lotion, and then pampered with a detail-oriented pedicure.
Price: 60 minutes for $45

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9Orange Blossom Steam and Scrub

Milk + Honey Day Spa, Austin, Texas

Like a glass of fresh O.J. in the morning, this head-to-toe zesty service wakes up your skin to reveal a gorgeous glow. A house-made sweet citrus scrub made of raw, organic sugar is used to exfoliate the skin, along with fresh grated orange zest, neroli essential oil, and ground chamomile to calm inflammation. After you’ve been scrubbed into a blissful state of mind, you’ll be treated to a steam and 45-minute massage with warm oil.

Price: 75 minutes for $140

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10Essence Of Magnolia Bath

The Ritz Carlton, New Orleans

The magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana, so leave it to the city’s posh Ritz Carlton Spa to devise the ultimate fragrant floral experience. First, enjoy a soothing magnolia milk bath in a hydrotherapy tub, which softens and soothes your skin. Right before you drift off to sleep, you’ll be whisked away to a massage table and kneaded with warm oils infused with magnolia. The scent is empowering and uplifting, plus you’ll smell better than a florist.

Price: 120 minutes for $170