Now is as good a time as any to take SPF a bit more seriously. Since sunscreens are now almost entirely sweat-proof, virtually invisible, and oil-free, there’s essentially no reason to be leaving your house without at least a little bit of sunscreen on (it’s even in makeup, ladies!). But if you’re still worried about using a sunscreen that’ll make you breakout, it’s best to try it before you buy it. Which is why we’re so stoked about Sephora’s 2015 Sun Safety Kit.

The kit includes 16 handpicked Sephora sun care favorites that were chosen in accordance with The Skin Cancer Foundation, so you can try them all out before committing to a favorite. The kit includes products that are guaranteed to protect your face, body, lips and under-eyes from the rays, so you’ll be covered head-to-toe! The best part? Twenty dollars from the sale of each kit will be given to The Skin Cancer Foundation to support them in prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer globally. Talk about a good sale!

Image courtesy of Sephora.
Image courtesy of Sephora.

The sunscreens included in this kit are nothing but premium products. Many are multi-taskers, like the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47, which includes green tea to soothe the skin while protecting it from the sun’s rays. There’s also an anti-aging eye cream with SPF so you can not only prevent more wrinkles from occurring, but treat the ones you already have (talk about variation!).

No more excuses for not wearing sunscreen, okay?

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