If you woke up and discovered that no amount of blow-drying and flat-ironing was going to tame your wavy, frizzy strands today, you’re not only in luck, you’re in fashion! This fall, you can officially put away all those smoothing, straightening tools because textured—even slightly messy—hair is back.Hair trends seem to follow clothing trends on the runway, says Warren Tricomi stylist Angela Kalinowski. “This season we’re seeing more tailored, classic and straight silhouettes,” she explained, “which means we’re free to play up and work with hair texture.”MORE: We Tried It: Frizz BustersBut what exactly is textured hair? According to Kalinowski, it’s anything that’s not silky straight, which runs the gamut from fine waves to thick, coarse strands. Textured hair can seem hard to manage in its natural state (just ask any curly-haired gal), but it can also be beautiful and carefree if you know how to work your waves.If you don’t come by textured hair naturally, start teasing and crimping. For inspiration, check out fall shows—the catwalks were overrun with rippling updos, bouncy curls and volume. While we’re not exactly back to the big hair of the ’80s (thank goodness), fall’s looks are a far cry from the stick-straight strands we’ve spent seasons trying to wrestle our locks into.That’s the good news. But will all that extra styling, teasing and volumizing be bad news for our hair? “Too much of anything isn’t a good thing,” explains Kalinowski. “Using the curling iron a few times a week won’t dramatically damage your locks. But be gentle with your hair—when brushing don’t rip out knots, and only use ceramic curling irons.”QUIZ: How Healthy Is Your Hair? Most highly textured hair is also super-dry, which makes it susceptible to breakage. To minimize damage, Kalinowski recommends using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner along with a heat protectant before applying a hot iron. For some extra TLC, use a deep conditioner once a week.The key is to embrace your texture and not strive for perfection. After all, what’s easier than a loose, messy bun? Here’s to easy, imperfect elegance this season!