It seems like every day a new brand releases a new brush collection. And it can be overwhelming to pick the right ones. While new collections might come out, beauty addicts everywhere turn to specific brushes for their cases. These are the makeup brushes most makeup artists can’t live without.

Stippling Foundation Brush

The stippling makeup brush is a great tool to create an airbrushed flawless finish. It works best with the liquid and creamy formulas. The bristles aren’t densely packed, which allows more natural blending. Makeup artists use small gentle movements to apply, spread, and blend the products with this brush.

Powder brush

As the name implies, the powder brush is used for applying powders. It is packed with fluffy bristles, which help the product distribute evenly. The brush works best with the sweeping motion.

Blush brush

The blush brush is similar to the powder brush. However, it covers a smaller area. The fluffier the bristles of a blush brush are, the easier the application will be.

Tapered Contour brush

Contouring can reshape your face and accentuate the bone structure, which is why makeup artists use the technique frequently on clients. Contour brushes are typically denser than powder brushes and are used to apply the product precisely and blend it out seamlessly.

Highlight brush

The shape of the highlighter brush is crucial for the outcome of the applied highlighter. Many professional makeup artists prefer diffused highlighter on the high points of the cheeks, which is why they opt for brushes with longer bristles.

Eyeshadow shader brush

These brushes have shorter and densely packed bristles. They are used for applying eyeshadow all over the lid, packing on the color.

Eyeshadow blending brush

This brush is an absolute must in every makeup artist’s collection. It’s perfect for achieving blended eyeshadow. The best way to make sure your eyeshadow looks perfectly blended is to start with the minimal amount of the product on the brush and use the swirling motion to blend it. You can quickly increase the intensity. Makeup artists use eyeshadow blending brushes to blend the concealer or to create a gradient lip look.

Small angled brush

Stiff, slanted bristles on this brush are used to fill in brows. But they can also be used to apply eyeliner.

Pencil brush

This brush is used for detailed work. It is perfect for applying highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes or smudging out the eyeliner.

Lipstick brush

A good makeup artist never applies lipstick straight from the tube, which is why this brush is so important. It is very precise, so with a little amount of lipstick can be used to line the lips as well as fill them in.