Most things are fun when you do them with your significant other, especially workouts. So why not team up with your other half and do a joint workout in your own home?
Here are 5 easy exercises you can try with your partner before curling up together and watch Netflix.

Back to Back Squats

Ready to make your lower body burn? Stand back to back with your partner and intertwine your arms. Now step forward a bit and start squatting! Push each other to complete as many sets as possible, sticking to 10 reps per set.

Alternating leg lunge-squats

In this case, you’ll be facing each other as you do squats. There’s a little twist here. Hold hands while facing each other and one person does a regular squat while the other person does a lunge back. Repeat 10 times and switch who does lunges and who does squats. Do two rounds!

Double push-ups

This move is very involved. Both partners get in a high plank position, but one partner is stacked on the other, with their legs on the partner’s back and their hands either holding the ankles or on the floor. After the lower partner does a push-up, the upper partner does one. Try to do 10 if you’re a beginner!

High five

If you want to make your upper body burn, do some push-up high fives! Push up in front of each other, and when you’re both in the high plank, high five each other! Do this with every push-up, alternating hands. You can do a push-up variation on your knees. Try to do 10 reps.

Medicine Ball Twists

Stand back to back with your partner, with one holding the medicine ball. Now twist and hand off the medicine ball to the partner, then twist again to the other side and grab the medicine ball. Keep twisting and passing for 10 reps. Try to do 3 sets.