Whether it’s fashion, makeup, or shoes- trends come and go. One minute, you see a style everywhere, and the next, you’re outdated if you wear it in public. And one trend that comes and goes just as quickly as the others but isn’t always noticed is hair colors. Whether it’s platinum blonde or strawberry pink, hair colors have their peaks and their pits, but these are the prettiest hair color trends that stylists are predicting for 2020:

Strawberry Blonde

Red hair has been a hit so far in 2020, so if you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon but aren’t ready to go full-on red, strawberry blonde is a safer open.

Silver hair

If someone can pull of icy silver hair, I give them major kudos. It’s hard to pull off, but if it’s done right, it makes a statement. You can go all out with full silver hair or go for a more subtle look with an ombré from black to silver.

Orchard red

There’s no doubt red has been a popular hair color as of recent, and many celebrities are trying it (ahem, Zendaya). If you’re interested in giving red hair a shot, it’s essential to get it done right and keep the color bright with the correct aftercare.

Contrast colors

You’ve probably seen it on celebrities before, like Dua Lipa’s half blonde, half brown hair look, but contrast colored hair is gaining popularity. It’s definitely a bold look, but it’s a look that makes a lasting statement.


Lilac hair has been in style for quite some time now, but I can’t see it going anywhere. Dying your hair any bold color requires some work to get right and to keep up, but the color is so pretty, it will be worth it.

Shadow roots

For those people who always let their roots grow out, shadow roots are the perfect alternative. Shadow roots are when your roots are purposely a darker color than the rest of your hair, meaning you don’t have to worry so much about regularly dying your hair.