To keep it short, Kat Von D is famous for being a sexy tattooed business badass. After coming to fame via the TLC reality show LA Ink, Kat Von D founded her most successful business venture yet, her vegan and cruelty-free beauty company, Kat Von D Beauty. This beauty company is famous for her tattoo eyeliner, which is precisely what it sounds like—as smudge-proof as a tattoo. After several successful launches of new generations of beauty products in her beauty line, the Kat Von D in Kat Von D Beauty is moving on to new ventures.

Kat has publicly announced that she is selling all her shares of the beauty company she started, which will now be known as KVD Vegan Beauty. The brand will be sold in full to Kendo, who has been partnered with Kat to run the beauty company for the last 11 years. So why the departure?

On her Instagram account, Kat shared that she intends to move into other business ventures, notably a vegan shoe line and now the release of an album and a subsequent international tour. She lamented that with all these exciting new ventures, something had to give, and after much debate, she decided to move on from her beauty company.

Part of her decision to depart from the beauty industry lies with what she’s leaving behind and not solely with what’s ahead of her. Speaking on the beauty industry’s culture, Kat Von D said she just doesn’t feel like it’s a culture she fits in with any longer. In a time of beauty influencers, she feels like she’s back in a high school environment where the “cool kids” dictate what everyone should like, and if you stray from those approved items, you’ll find yourself on the outside looking in.

Ultimately, Kat Von D is merely moving into the next phase of her creative career, moving on to new projects after outgrowing her past endeavors. We also have to remember—Kat just had her first child! As she tries to juggle several business ventures and new motherhood simultaneously, it only makes sense that something has to give to allow her to keep her focus where she wants it, which seems to be on motherhood and music.