I think we’ve all had enough of the phrase “on fleek.” Seriously, do any of us even know what it means? (According to Urban Dictionary it means “the quality of being perfect.” Good to know. However, this video might be my one exception for the use of the phrase.

This super catchy music video/makeup tutorial hybrid by Effie Liu is both memorable and actually helpful to the makeup-challenged. With tips like “Shut one eye real tight and angle tip to swipe. Drag it across, one to another, back and forth till you’re covered” and “wipe off the error, don’t draw more, do it over. Make them match just like a mirror,” we all learn a bit more about the skill of drawing on winged liner.  

Unlike your traditional makeup how-to video, this one is set to a fun music video! With neon pink wigs, tons of bright lipstick and a bubble gum pink set, it’s hard to look away. (Not to mention the catchy chorus that will be stuck in our heads for days.)  So take a quick break from trying to get your lipstick “on fleek” and focus on that winged liner for a bit. Just remember, if people aren’t loving your newly swiped on cat eye, take Effie’s advice and respond with a dramatic hair flip and a quick “Haters, bye.”

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