has removed an app called “Rescue the Anorexia Girl” after facing backlash from users and eating disorder awareness groups. Couldn’t have seen that one coming, Amazon?

The game was a “whack-a-mole style” game in which the object was to throw cake at a woman; if players don’t hit her with the cake, she loses weight. “So, be careful and don’t let the girl die!” reads the ever-so-sensitive product description. “Rescue the Anorexia Girl” was marketed by SmartMedia and sold for and Android platforms, reports.

Eating disorder organizations have put out statements condemning the game. Claire Mysko, program director for the National Eating Disorders Association, told People:

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric diagnosis. That is no laughing matter. We are grateful to the activists who called out this offensive app and to Amazon for removing it.”

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The page where the game was being sold has since been taken down from, but a cached version is still available. Here’s the product description:

It’s your time to become a real hero with this new amusing game Rescue The Anorexia Girl Free! You know, heroes are not just superheroes, flying in the skies, throwing rocks and fighting villains with supernatural powers. Anyone can be a hero, if he is willing to help others from the bottom of his heart. Start saving the day now!

Anorexia is a serious disease and fatal if not cured in time. When you have anorexia, the desire to lose weight becomes more important than anything else. For example a girl from new Rescue The Anorexia Girl Free game has started to renounce meals and even tasty cakes cannot save the situation. But now you have come, brave hero and you can save her. We believe in you!

HOW TO PLAY: The game mechanic is the same as in whack a beaver games – tap to give the girl a cake. Every time you miss the girl loses weight. So, be careful and don’t let the girl die! commented on their decision to remove the game thusly:
“All apps in the Amazon Appstore must adhere to our content guidelines and the app in question is no longer available from our store.”
The company did the right thing, but we are wondering how “Rescue The Anorexia Girl” got put up for sale in the first place.