There’s nothing more annoying than short, dry, and brittle nails. We all dream of having those long and healthy nails that always look like you just got a manicure, but getting them isn’t easy. Especially if you pick or bite your nails. There are many reasons why your nails might not be in their best shape, from biting them to getting acrylics. But thankfully, there are many ways you can help your nails get healthy again, and nail strengtheners are one of them. So if you’re sick of looking down at your dry and brittle nails, invest in one of these nail strengtheners to help your nails grow long and healthy:

duri Rejuvacote 1
At only $13.50, this nail strengthener is a definite bang for your buck. It combines two different proteins, keratin, and calcium to stimulate growth, lock in moisturize, and get rid of dryness.

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener
This OPI Natural Nail Strengthener is only $11 at Ulta and works wonders for natural nails. It protects your nails and promotes growth, and it’s a great base coat before polish and prevents discoloration on your nails.

Essie Treat Love & Color Nail Polish & Strengthener
If you need some serious TLC of your nails but don’t want to have completely bare nails, go with this. It combines both a polish and a strengthener that will nourish and strengthen dry, brittle nails but still gives you a fresh coat.

Sally Hansen Mega Strength
The name says enough: a mega-strength nail strengthener. Sally Hansen is known for having amazing nail polish, so it’s no surprise that this nail strengthener made with diamond will help keep your nails strong and healthy. For the best results, pair the Mega Strength Hardener with a colored Mega Strength Top Coat.

Barielle No Bite Pro-Growth
If you’re an avid nail-biter, you need this ASAP. It’s invisible and odorless, so you won’t see or smell it, but you can definitely taste it. The strong bitter taste will stop you from biting your nails, and it’s made with nourishing ingredients to promote growth!

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2
If you have soft, peeling nails due to acrylics or gel polish, you need this nail strengthener. It targets weak nails with hydrolyzed wheat protein that helps strengthen and harden weak nails.