Face masks are worn more often than our favorite clothing items nowadays. Although simple face masks do the job well, sometimes it’s worth investing in fashionable face masks. They can make you feel better about wearing a mask and match your outfit. These ten masks will dress up even the most basic outfits.

Lirika Matoshi
Based in New York City, this fashion designer got viral because of her stunning flowy dresses with a strawberry pattern and sweaters with cherry and sky motives. Numerous celebrities wore her fashion pieces. As the pandemic started, she introduced face masks with the same fashionable and intricate patterns. Whether you choose to wear the masks on their own or with some of her signature pieces, they will become the statement piece of your outfits.

Collina Strada
This face mask by Collina Strada is genuinely unique. The long strips make the mask look extra cute as they can be tied into bows. Additionally, the mask has a very stylish pattern that mimics a drawing.

Ulla Johnson
The floral prints on these masks are absolutely gorgeous and radiate vintage vibes. Pair the masks with simple summer dresses, and they will feel like an accessory rather than a safety measure.

Margaretta Hershey
The pom-poms on this mask make it absolutely adorable. With dominant pink colors and an attractive pattern, this mask will become the statement piece of any outfit.

This face mask by SewHo has a handmade look that makes it look current. The denim is also a fabric not generally used for face masks, making this mask stand out.

Courtyard LA
These face masks definitely have a personality. The straps give the masks a whimsical look while using different kinds of materials makes the masks look distinguished.

You can look like an anime character with this “uwu” face mask by Smoko. The mask also includes a pocket for an optional filter to stay extra safe while wearing this reusable face mask.

The cotton fabric decorated with the floral print is perfect for this summer season. Pastel colors give the mask a feminine feel.

The Mighty Company
You can look like Barbie with these glittery pink masks by The Mighty Company. They will give your outfit a summery vibe. Also, for every mask you purchase, one mask is donated.

Billie Blooms x Karolina Kurkova
With lips sewn in, this mask will attract attention. The cover itself is simple. However, the lips detail makes it look elevated and chic. This mask will look great even with sweatpants.