Every season brings new fashion trends. But, every season also brings new hair trends. Typically, in the summer, we go for lighter and blonder shades. And in the winter, we go for darker colors. No one expects you to change your hair color just to keep up with the trends, but if you’ve been thinking of dying your hair, these are all the hair trends that you’ll be seeing a lot of this fall:

Visible roots
Sometimes, your roots will work in your favor! It’s actually a trend right now to let your roots grow out and be visible. It’s low maintenance and adds depth to your face.

Bright colors
Maybe it’s the fact that there’s not much going on in our lives, and we want to dye our hair bright colors, but now is the time to try it out. I see brightly dyed hair all over social media, and it’s often more than one color!

Money pieces
You’ve probably seen this hair trend all over social media. Money pieces are basically when just the front strands of your hair are dyed differently from the rest. This can work with any hair color. While the money pieces are usually a lighter color, it’s also popular to dye them a bright color.

Chunky highlights
Typically, we want our highlights to be fine and natural-looking, but this season we’re expecting to see a lot of chunky highlights.

Honey copper
If you have dark hair and want to go a little lighter, give this color a try. Whenever you go lighter, you run the risk of the blonde hair turning brassy, but this honey-colored is a safer route to avoid that.

Red is always a trending color in the fall, so why not dye your hair the shade, too? If you’re looking for a warmer tone to dye your hair, give a bold or deep red color a try.