COVID-19 impacted virtually every single person across the entire world. As crazy as that is to hear, quarantine is something we all went through, and it is something that changed the course of history as we know it. The innocent bliss of a few months ago seems like a faraway dream. We’re often brought back to those initial few weeks in March when the entire world was indeed at a halt.

Looking back at those times is definitely difficult as quarantine brings up tough memories and bleak times. But Freeform’s new miniseries, “Love in the Time of Corona,” brings us back to when the world first stopped. It was filmed and set during the initial months of the pandemic and focuses on four households’ lives and their experiences sheltering in place.

The miniseries focuses on the lives of various well-off Los Angeles residents. The actors and actresses in the show were people that were actually quarantined together during that time. Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson play a married couple, James and Sade. They are not used to spending so much time together, as James has a demanding job.

Gil Bellows and Rya Kihlsted play a recently separated couple, Paul and Sarah. They are trying to keep the separation a secret from their daughter while living together. James’ mother, played by L. Scott Caldwell, attempts to plan her 50th-anniversary party despite the pandemic. At the same time, her husband is sick in a rehab facility.

The last household in the series shows Oscar and Elle (played by Tommy Dorfman and Rainey Qualley, respectively). They are two roommates with a lot of sexual tension.

The miniseries was directed by Joanna Johnson and was a creative way to show how COVID and quarantine impacted different people. Some critics found the show to be very relatable and well done. Still, others thought the idea of a show about something the entire world is going through isn’t necessary. Regardless, it’s definitely impressive that miniseries was put together in a time full of such uncertainty. For that, we think the show is worth a watch.