Taking care of hair and keeping it styled and clean takes time. If you resent spending unnecessary time out of your day on blow-drying your hair, this product is perfect for you. The new Tineco MODA One smart hair dryer will save your time by reducing the time you need to blow dry your hair by half!
If you are tired of buying expensive blow dryers that just leave you disappointed or break, you should give the MODA One a try. What makes this hair dryer stand out is the patented iLoop technology. iLoop is a sensor technology that adjusts the heat and airflow based on how wet the hair is. Using this innovative feature will protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage and overexposure to high temperatures. This smart hairdryer was created after being inspired by the brand’s smart vacuum that adjusts its suction-based on how much dust and dirt are on the floor. They came up with the idea to use this technology to create an innovative hairdryer, which is how MODA One was created.
With this device, you can cut down the time needed to blow dry your hair without inflicting any heat damage. The dryer comes in two very stylish colors. Mocha is a pretty silver shade, while Sangria is gorgeous burgundy with hints of brown. You can purchase this original hair dryer on Amazon or the Tineco website.
Furthermore, the smart airflow isn’t the only significant feature of Tineco’s MODA One offers. MODA One will also improve your hair’s health and appearance as it produces millions of negative ions that help close the hair cuticle. Once the cuticle is closed, it is protected from the damage, and the hair appears shinier.
The hairdryer also comes with a colored LED light ring, which serves as an indicator. When the light ring is red, it means that hair contains moisture and needs to be dried. On the other hand, when the light ring is blue, it’s in the hair care mode as the moisture isn’t detected.
What makes this dryer additionally smart is its ability to connect to the mobile application that allows you to have different drying modes like Pet, Styling, Cool, Kids, and more.
You don’t have to worry about waking anyone when styling your hair late at night or early in the morning as the blow dryer is very quiet. It also comes with three different magnetic attachments that make styling a breeze. These include smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser. You can also use the cool shot button to ensure your hair stays in place.