Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster
You may or may not need a bolster to help you through your yoga routine. They’re especially good if you’re just starting and trying to perfect your form. Hugger Mugger is a brand out of Utah and has been making high-quality yoga gear for many years. It’s kind of the LuluLemon of yoga equipment.

Rike Gear Premium Speed Jump Rope
You remember jumping rope as a kid, right? Me neither. Here’s the thing, though — it’s excellent exercise. It’s not as easy as it looks, but you’ll be surprised at how intense the aerobic exercise from jumping rope is. It promotes agility and balance, and if you get good at it, you can impress your non-agile friends with your high-speed routines. Plus, if kids used to do it, maybe it could be a little fun after all?

Rogue Fitness Hand Wraps
Hand wraps aren’t just for MMA fighters, though if you practice punching at home on a heavy bag, you should wear them to protect your wrists. They can be good for other exercises too, so stock up.

Fitnessery Ab Roller
The best selling ab roller on amazon currently. The great thing about ab rollers is that they take up so little space, and they work your core. The worst thing about ab rollers is…they work your core. We know that’s the goal, but the amount of ab work you get with an ab roller will make you question whether you’ve ever really wanted abs that much anyway. Don’t question, just keep rolling along to abs of pure steel.

Trigger Point Foam Roller
Foam rollers can be useful for pre-workout routines or post-workout, too. You can do all kinds of exercises using rollers, and they’re easy to store at home. If you can’t get to a massage therapist, they could be the next best thing, and they probably won’t smell like incense and come with a New Age music soundtrack.

Cap Barbell Weighted Vest
Ready to take bodyweight exercises far past your body weight? Or at least 20-150 pounds per the manufacturer’s specifications past your body weight? Get extreme with bodyweight exercises by wearing this vest. Then add weight to it. Then add some more weight.

Be careful, though; you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself using something like this while doing bodyweight exercises. Equipment like this is more useful if you are already in peak form and know how to use it properly. It can harm you if you aren’t.

Yes4All Kettlebell
The humble kettlebell might be the answer if you’re looking for those thick thighs. Available in many different weights, they’re a great option to start building up your home gym.