Our contemporaries love to invent, which has become synonymous with “add new crap to Kickstarter.” We’ve reached peak innovation fatigue this year and a single potato salad raised over $55,000 proved that people will donate to just about anything.Here are five inventions/new products that we learned about this year that are more confusing than anything else:

Courtesy of Somabar
Robot Bartender

1. Robot BartenderWhy would you want a $12 cocktail from a bar when you could buy an app on your phone, then buy ingredients, then buy a $499 mid-sized robot to mix cocktails? The robot bartender will sit right in between the cappuccino maker and the apple peeler.

Courtesy of Jonathan BeautyWater System
JONATHAN BeautyWater Shower Purification System

2. JONATHAN BeautyWater Shower Purification SystemThis $95 system attaches to your showerhead to purify your “polluted” dangerous tap water. No, it’s not for people who need drinking water in developing countries — it’s for people who don’t want to bathe in regular ol’ tap water.

Courtesy of Pao Facial Fitness
Pao Facial Fitness Face-Toning Tool

3. Pao Facial Fitness Face-Toning ToolJust when you weren’t worried enough about working out, Cristiano Ronaldo swoops in to sell us a product promising for a more youthful smile. Just stick this Japanese gadget in your mouth, he claims, and it’ll tone your face and widen your smile. (Yes, apparently your smile can look old.)

Courtesy of Onch Movement
Dead Bunny Collection Necklaces

4. Dead Bunny Collection NecklacesWhat’s better than a lucky rabbit’s foot? An entire dead bunny, according to the jewelry designer Onch Movement. (His real name is Nelson Chung and he appeared on season one of “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” and “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milian. Random!) If you were lucky in 2014, these gold- and silver- plated rabbits hung from your neck.More From Our Year-End Roundup:The Worst Gluten Outrage of 201425 Health Studies from 2014 That Women Need to KnowThe Most Important Butt Moments of 2014