It’s hard to believe if you grew up in the ’90s, but Tia Mowry, one half of the “Sister, Sister” twins, is all grown up with an almost four-year-old son. And if you need proof, you’ll get it on her new cooking show “Tia Mowry at Home” — the first episode of which puts Tia in the kitchen with her husband Cory Hadrict.

In addition to her new show, Tia is also the new brand ambassador for the classic glam fragrance Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre. At a recent celebration of the partnership, Tia couldn’t help but gush about her son Cree: “I really, really look forward to Mother’s Day… I’ve been a mom for four years and it never gets old.”

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The proud mom shares her tips for bringing a little bit of DIY glamour to your Mother’s Day… or any day you feel like drinking OJ out of the champagne glasses:

  1. Bring the spa home with DIY spa water: just add cucumbers and berries to create that relaxing feel at home.
  2. Take the PJs up a notch by wearing (or gifting) a silk robe or cute slippers to make the day feel glamorous while retaining that relaxing vibe.
  3. A simple spa gift like a manicure can be a great gift for you and mom.
  4. A piece of fabulous jewelry never hurt!
  5. Our personal favorite: Drink your OJ or fruit smoothie out of a champagne glass to amp up the glamour in your morning beverage. (We may or may not just do this tomorrow.)

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