The gluten-free phenomenon has officially crossed over to the beauty world. With more skincare and makeup products slowly becoming gluten-free, many celiacs (and those who are gluten-free by choice) are thrilled to have more viable options available to them.

Dr. Jaliman, a NYC-based dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology spokesperson, explained that for people severely sensitive to gluten, “the main problem is that if you put a skincare product on your face, and lick your lips or the outside your mouth, you could ingest it and potentially have a problem.” It’s best to avoid gluten-containing products entirely then. You can learn more about gluten-free certifications here.

Celiac or not, if you’re trying to cut out gluten, put these five makeup brands on your shopping list:



1. Ecco Bella

This anti-animal testing cosmetics brand guarantees that all of their products are free from any gluten or wheat protein, making the whole brand safe for customers with celiac. Using ingredients derived from darkly pigmented fruits and vegetables, Ecco Bella is packed with vitamins and potent anti-aging components.


2. Zuzu Luxe by Gabriel Cosmetics

An acclaimed makeup artist created this natural, gluten-free, vegan product line as a healthier option for those of us worried about the ingredients in our makeup.



3. Boscia

For baby-soft skin and a super-hydrated feel, boscia has a wonderful skincare line free of gluten, working wonders on worn-down skin. Try the boscia Tsubaki Secrets for a complete skin refresher.



4. Aubrey Organics

An all-natural hair, skin and body care brand, Aubrey Organics began testing their products and can confirm they offer more than 60 gluten-free formulas for gluten-sensitive customers.


5. Juice Beauty 

Supporting the idea that skincare shouldn’t compromise your health or the well being of the planet, Juice Beauty is organic, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, with high performing products.

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