Dry, flaky skin is anything but sexy. With the winter months zapping my skin of much needed moisture, I simply can’t seem to get my scaly limbs back to their smooth and supple texture that I normally have during the warmer months. Thankfully, slathering myself in this body butter — albeit $$$ — finally did the trick.Product: Kat Burki Body ButterPrice: $62We Think:


 How It Looks/Feels: Encased in a heavy, glass tub, this body butter looks lavish on your bathroom counter, and feels even better on your skin. Made with raw ingredients, this silky formula feels soothing on your skin, intensely nourishing with every application. Created with a formula using natural ingredients, cold-pressed oils, and soft fragrances, Kat Burki Body Butter was soothing on my skin didn’t leave me with a greasy surface layer.How to Use It: After showering, apply liberally to damp skin to heighten hydration.  Use in the morning or night or whenever your skin is feeling extra dry.Results: After applying the body butter post-shower, I was left with soft, supple skin, and a fresh scent to carry me throughout the day. My skin was left hydrated and bright, and I truthfully didn’t need to reapply twice that day. So if you have dull, dry skin, and a little extra cash in your pocket, the Kat Burki Body Butter is a fantastic choice!Disclaimer: I received the Kat Burki Body Butter as a sample. Related Articles:Your Cold Weather Beauty Problems, Solved!4 Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your NailsWhy Body Oils Are Better for Dry, Winter Skin