Halloween is almost here! And if you’re a little panicky about what to dress up as, feast your eyes on these 10 Halloween makeup looks to choose from. They’re all unique and stunning.

1. Euphoria Inspo


This gorgeous and intense eye makeup is both straightforward and also giving us some serious Maddy vibes.

2. Sharon Tate


A cute and simple ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ inspo from Margot Robbie’s portrait of Sharon Tate.

3. Spider-Woman


This Pink Widow inspired Halloween makeup look is so spooky and colorful at the same time!

4. Scary Clown


This Joker meets Pennywise Halloween makeup look is gorgeous, and you can definitely use it as inspo to play with more colors and shapes.

5. IT


This Pennywise makeup look is perfect for Halloween. And it looks so realistic 🎈!

6. Illusions


This simple illusion-like Halloween makeup look is super common among makeup artists. You can use this technique for just a small section of your face, or you can go all in!

7. Neon Skull


One of my favorite Halloween makeup looks is anything skulls! And this neon and colorful version is so unique and pretty.

8. Eyeliner Art


This simple yet super chic medieval art look is so easy to recreate and will totally make you stand out at any Halloween party!

Minnie Mouse


A cute and simple Disney inspired eye look. All you need is some red makeup and some white polka dots!

9. Colorful Comics


This comic book-inspired Halloween makeup looks absolutely gorgeous, and it’s straightforward to recreate!

10. Christmas Lights


Such a simple and minimalistic way to celebrate Christmas and Halloween in one!

11. Reindeer


One of my favorite Halloween looks so far. It looks so realistic and pretty, and the cute ears on top complete the look.

12. Vampire


This vampire meets the ice princess look is so scary and gorgeous! You might need a little more than regular makeup to achieve this look, but it’s so worth it.

13. Comic Book Hero


This look still remains undefeated in the Halloween inspirations. A simple makeup look, but the results are stunning!

14. Innocent lace


All you need as some lace and a little bit of face paint and voila!